Inaugural Blog Post

Inaugural Blog Post

First off, thank you sincerely for visiting the website and checking out the introductory blog post on Ice Cannabis Lifestyle!

I’d like to kick off by telling you a little bit about the brand and the people behind it. In November 2016, TJ Dumonceaux and I were caught up (like everybody else) in the cannabis craze that saw investors pouring money into cannabis stocks at an unprecedented rate. Sadly, we were both university students at the time with little of our own money to invest. Short on capital, but long on time, we decided to take a leap of faith and start Ice Cannabis Lifestyle with the goal of being a leader in the cannabis lifestyle supply industry.

As proud Canadians and lifelong hockey players, we named the company after the sport we grew up loving, Ice Hockey. It was our goal to build a brand that represents the next generation of cannabis consumers who we believe don’t associate with the Cheech & Chong of yesteryear. This brand would have to bring style & sophistication to the smoking experience, and it would have to represent the multi-dimensional individuals who seek a balance of work, play and overall well-being in their lives.

At 22 years young, TJ and I feel like we have the remainder of our lives to dedicate to this cause as we grow up alongside the Ice community and the cannabis industry. We couldn’t be more excited to see where it will take us, who we will meet along the way, and how these experiences add to our goal of living a truly exceptional life.

 From both TJ and I, thank you one more time from the bottom of our hearts for your genuine support, positivity, and love throughout this endeavor.


Your friends,

Rhett & TJ 

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